Jungian Analysis – An Adventure into the Self

Jungian Analysis is one of the most unique adventures a person can embark upon.

While Carl Jung developed and proved the usefulness of his methods of analysis in the psychiatric ward, today many psychologically healthy individuals are discovering the depths of their own psyche through engaging with the messages from their own unconscious brought to light by their dreams.


Jung believed the drive of the unconscious part of our nature is toward wholeness, and that dreams were the most succinct and nuanced messages from that part of us. Therefore recording and interpreting our dreams could be a vital link in maintaining a healthy psychological balance throughout life. Indeed, as many people have found, it can be a key to a more creative and fulfilling life, led by the promptings of the innermost Self.


To work with a Jungian analyst is to take this inquiry to the highest level, since we rarely have the ability to do justice to what our own dreams may tell us.


Quote from Jung: The individual is precisely that which can never be merged with the collective and is never identical with it.